Your Signature is Ready

Never physically SIGN for a letter or a package 📦 ever again! 

Siggy is a Electronic Pre-Sign Mail app. It provides users with an option of providing their signature, printed name and address without having to physically write on a mail carriers scanner.

Why Siggy

Over 300 Million Certified Letters go out every year.

There’s a common trend I’ve noticed among people and their certified mail: Most of them HATE IT! 

People despise receiving certified mail.

For a variety of reasons People Like Siggy

  • Most letters are bad news (IRS)
  • Most People are either asleep or busy while in the process of receiving a certified letter.
  • People consider signing a time consuming activity.
  • People hate the way the signature writes out; surprisingly very anal about perfecting their signature.
  • Scanners lose their effectiveness over time with use due to damage; thereby making signing difficult.

All in all postal customers don’t find signing for their mail a pleasurable experience in most cases. At the very least they find it dreading.

With time and energy wasted, there needs to be a better way to circumvent this issue.

This is where Siggy comes in. It provides users with the perfect alternative to writing on a postal scanner and doesn’t even require a significant amount of energy.

THE REALITY IS THIS…people want things done fast and direct. With the advent of the internet and technical advances in how we live, there seems to be a easier way for everything we do, whether it’s shopping, communicating or even traveling.

Siggy falls right into this category as a time saving app.

Siggy App Screenshots

Siggy can be used on the
following postal products

Certified Letters

Express Mail

Certified Envelopes

Signature confirmation

All postal mail that requires a signature in order to be delivered.

Siggy & Social Distancing

It’s no secret the impact of the Corona Virus has caused a shift in how we as a society not only interact with each other but also how we handle some of the most natural tasks in our daily lives. 

Mail delivery is synonymous with everything that defines our country. So quite naturally when the method of how we safely receive our mail effected, a solution is needed.

Siggy was built to solve this problem while still providing postal customers with the security of having their most important mail tracked and confirmed. 

Siggy is PRIMARILY a business app. For this reason it would be commonly seen in use by a front desk receptionist or a small business owner; preferably someone who is pressed for time and needs to get back to their business affairs. 

Despite being mainly a business app, the opportunity to utilize Siggy for personal use is also available to users if they have a postal product delivered to their home or to a relative.

No, Siggy is NOT a postal service product. Meaning the creation of this app wasn’t thought up by any entity affiliated with the postal service (ex: The Product Development department). 

Siggy is meant to be used by the everyday postal customer however; (ex: businessmen, front desk clerk, etc.) With that being said Siggy is designed to be a complimentary or married piece to the very familiar postal product: the mail scanner. All in all one benefits the other when in use.


  • Are you a person who enjoys conserving their energy?
  • Do you enjoy technology that caters to your needs?
  • Do you deserve an app that makes life easier?

If all your answers to these questions were “yes“ then there’s no more to say except.